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If you are the victim of domestic violence in Meridian, ID and searching for a way to protect yourself or loved ones one of the very first things you need to consider is changing your locks. As a master locksmith there is nothing more enjoyable to me than helping someone in a truly significant way through my services. Emergency domestic dispute services are not your average day run of the mill lockout and locksmith calls, I understand that, which is why I am committed to helping those who are victims of domestic violence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a locally based company, I am able to be on site within 20 minutes in most cases. My priority is establishing safe and secure environment for you to enjoy the freedom from fear of more violence against you.

As a locksmith here in Meridian, ID I like to know that I am able to help people beyond just the average locksmith needs that most have. It makes me proud to help our community be a better safer place because I was able to re-key a house and keep at least one person or family safe. I offer 24 hour emergency locksmith services, so no matter what time of day or night, donít hesitate to pick up the phone and call, I can be at most locations within 20 minutes or less.

As a commitment to providing safety and protection from a violent aggressor I offer special payment options for victims of domestic violence. I never want money to be a reason that someone who needs their locks changed because of domestic violence to not get the protection they need. I know how hard it can be when you are in a situation where your aggressor also controls the finances. For these situations, I am willing to come to your house and change your locks without collecting payment on delivery but in good faith that you will do your best to make good on your debt when you are able to. As a sign of that good faith I do ask that you show a police report has been filed with the Meridian, ID police department when I arrive.

I am more than willing to make my business vulnerable for the expense of the labor and parts for a person that is truly trying to help themselves and serious about making the necessary changes to prevent themselves from becoming the victim of more domestic violence so itís important for me to know that you are taking the right steps towards improving your situation outside of just changing your locks.

A few important steps that will help you on your pathway to better, healthier, violent free living that you should consider are: change your locks right away, file a police report and document your injuries with photos immediately and file a restraining order right away. These situations can obviously be very tough and stressful, but if you move to get the processes started immediately you are far less likely to have to worry about another attack.

Please do not wait another second to call me if you are in an abusive relationship and are ready to leave it for good. Domestically violent living conditions are destructive, dangerous and deplorable and no person should have to live that way. Let me help you take one of the first necessary steps to protecting yourself by changing your locks.

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